Priority Fee-Based Pick-Up Service is available through a partnership with College Hunks Hauling (CHH). This pick-up service charges a fee to remove items from your home, basement, shed, or anywhere inside your property. College Hunks will attempt to repurpose as many items as possible. If the items can be donated to Goodwill, they will be brought to a Rappahannock Goodwill Donation Center.

The Priority Fee-Based Pick-Up Service through College Hunks Hauling offers these benefits:

  • Items able to be donated are brought to Rappahannock Goodwill to support our mission of helping people find jobs
  • CHH will remove items from your property that cannot be donated and dispose of them for you

To schedule your pick-up, click to or call 1-800-586-5872.

College Hunks Hauling has a limited service area. Call CHH for rates, details, and service area.