Uniform Services

What Uniform Needs Do You Have?

RGI Laundry Uniform Division provides rental uniforms to companies and their employees.

An RGI Laundry representative will go to your location to provide a personal fitting for each employee who receives a uniform set, which includes shirts with name and company logo, pants and jackets.  Additional items may include coveralls, vests, belts, caps and parkas.

Each item is bar-coded so that it can be “tracked” on our electronic Uniform Tracking System that records when a uniform  is turned in to the laundry and when it is returned to the customer.

Our driver picks up the soiled uniform and scans it for processing at the laundry. The uniform is then washed, lightly dried, and sent through our steam finishing tunnel. Each item is placed on a hanger and draped with plastic and scanned for delivery. Worn or damaged uniforms are replaced or repaired as needed.

RGI Laundry is proud to provide this service for the National Institute of Health and other organizations in the Washington DC Metro.

In addition to the uniform rental, RGI also provides dry cleaning for federal customers including Bolling Air Force Base.

If you have a need for uniform rental, dry cleaning or walk off mats for your company, RGI Laundry is here to work for you. For more information, contact Douglas Jett, Laundry Customer Service Manager, via e-mail or call 540-372-3934.