Changed Lives

Goodwill Changes Lives

The mission of Rappahannock Goodwill is: We create jobs locally, prepare people to succeed at work, and help them overcome barriers to employment. Some of the people we help come to work directly for us; others go to work with business partners in our community. All of them find that the pride of working radically changes their lives.

Here are some stories of people who have found employment thanks to the good work of Rappahannock Goodwill:

Emmetri was a successful attorney whose life was changed in an instant. Watch her story of how she found help through Rappahannock Goodwill, began a new career, and regained her dignity.


Cary needed a hand up to start a career and experience the Power of Work. Rappahannock Goodwill gave him the assistance he needed to start a fulfilling life with new goals toward a career.


Orange County, Virginia resident, Shamya, was seeking a better life for her and her son. She found employment assistance through Rappahannock Goodwill that was flexible enough for her busy life.


A random encounter on public transit led Shylow to the Culpeper Goodwill Job Help Center. There she found exactly what she needed to begin her path towards a career.


Prior to coming to work for Rappahannock Goodwill in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Chris had trouble keeping a job. Through his dedication and the help Goodwill provided, Chris has made a dramatic change. He is the 2016 Achiever of the Year for Rappahannock Goodwill Industries. Here is his impressive story.