Job Training

Extended Employment Services

Extended Employment Services (EES) are essentially an employment opportunity with RGI itself. As an employer, RGI (like other competitive employers) endeavors to provide a quality work environment for its work force. RGI offers choice in the work place, achievement potential, and promotion opportunities. It is in the employee’s and RGI’s best interest when the employee is trained to be a flexible, productive worker. RGI’s EES services offer employment to persons who are not ready for positions in the competitive sector of the job market. Although EES participants work in settings that replicate many of the conditions of competitive industry, our intensive task training, high supervisor to employee ratio, and strategic reinforcement of effort enhance each participant’s progress.

Group Supported Employment

Similar to individual Supported Employment, GSE is for groups of individuals (8 maximum) that have similar work interests and require intensive coordination, job training, and long-term coaching/supervision. The group model that RGI utilizes is the “enclave” or “work crew” model. Crews work under the direct supervision of a trained RGI supervisor. In addition to the enclaves that are sponsored by RGI itself, individuals who are Medicaid eligible can now receive the necessary sponsorship through Medicaid for participation in a Group Supported Employment Enclave, making these opportunities even more robust.. RGI has relationships with multiple community employers to provide employment opportunities in the custodial and retail fields.

Day Support Program

This program goal is “to help participants understand the meaning, values, and demands of daily living by assisting them in achieving the highest possible level of independence through the use of a community-based, positive approach to the management of excessive or inappropriate behaviors.” The underlying emphasis of this program is to transition to and from vocational programs.

Supported Employment

RGI provides a broad spectrum of services to individuals with barriers to employment who want to become employed in the competitive job market. Supported Employment offers person-centered planning services to individuals requiring intensive services from the beginning planning stage through job placement and career advancement. Goodwill’s Supported Employment success oriented process consists of a system of assigned Employment Specialist’s who provide all or some of the following services to individuals: case management, assessment, counseling, individual service plan development, job development, placement, job training, retention services and career planning.

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