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When you donate to Goodwill and shop in our stores, you help people find jobs.


Each month we help nearly 1,000 people who are on a journey to a new job. When you shop at Goodwill, you find great deals AND help fund our job support services. Thank you!


Rappahannock Goodwill has 12 stores, the Goodwill Outlet in Spotsylvania, Rappahannock Goodwill online store, and the Rappahannock Goodwill eBay store. Thank you for your continued support of our mission.


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Temporary Clothing Return Policy

While our dressing rooms are closed due to COVID-19, customers wishing to make a clothing return must have their receipt and the price tag must be attached to the item.

Returns can ONLY be accepted at the store where the item was purchased.

Returns will be accepted within 10 days of purchase. No returns accepted at the Goodwill Outlet.


Where to find our stores

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