Goodwill connects thousands of people in our region to the world of work.
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Donate To Goodwill. Help People Find Jobs.

Goodwill needs what you no longer use.

Each donation helps someone find a job.

Donate. Shop. People Find Jobs.

Donate To Goodwill. People Find Jobs.

Goodwill needs what you no longer use.

Each donation helps someone find a job.

Donate. Shop. People Find Jobs. [click] for locations. 


Whether you’re donating stuff, volunteering your time, or giving a much-needed financial contribution, you can make a difference.


Goodwill is a bargain hunter’s paradise! You never know what you will discover. You’re guaranteed to find savings every day.

Jobs | Hiring

Need a job? Looking for great employees? We can help! Job training, employment skills, and literacy are essential. We offer FREE help for individuals and employers.

Looking To Start A New Career?

Goodwill might be able to help you with tuition grants so you can get certified in healthcare, IT, early childhood education, manufacturing, public safety, and skilled trades. 

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Rappahannock Goodwill News

Goodwill Is Changing Lives

Thanks to the work of Rappahannock Goodwill and our business partners throughout the community, people are receiving the help they need to discover the Power of Work. See for yourself how lives are being changed.

FREE Job Search Help | Virtual Services

Goodwill provides assistance to anyone who needs help in finding a job. Thanks to donations of gently used items to our stores, Goodwill is able to offer assistance to help people find and keep jobs. Learn More…

Virginia Career Works

Rappahannock Goodwill operates multiple Virginia Career Works Centers in central Virginia. The centers offer career services to youth, adults, and employers. Learn more about all the services available. 

Special Services Being Offered

ServiceMaster Clean is offering specialty services for short-term disinfectant cleaning. Using proprietary products, practices, and equipment, we will work to limit the spread of the virus around your office. Let ServiceMaster Clean help to ensure your business keeps operating safely. Contact us: 540-371-6695.

Donate Computer Equipment

Through a partnership between Goodwill and Dell Reconnect, we accept all brands of computer equipment for recycling. Click to learn more.

Where You Can Shop and Donate

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      Goodwill’s local businesses help people build their careers while providing valuable services to our community.

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